šŸ‘‹ Hi, my name is Christopher Walker

IĀ founded UMZUĀ®, a natural products company in Boulder, CO - and author of The Thermo Diet. This is my blog where you can read my ideas about health, business, e-commerce and whatever else IĀ feel like writing about.

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"Microbiome science is booming, and Colorado-based UMZUĀ is selling the dream."

"Christopher's ability to become so successful is derived from his ability to be a self starter."

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Shatter the misconception that age causes low testosterone. Say goodbye to low T and hello to a vibrant, energetic life.
True health in the human body is when youā€™re not deficient in any micronutrients, and therefore when youā€™re hormonally balanced. And with that in mind, you shouldnā€™t consume or expose yourself to anything that can reliably cause deficiencies in your body.
About me

Who is Christopher Walker?

IĀ am the founder and CEO of UMZU, and the author of the Thermo Diet. IĀ got my degree in neuroscience from Duke University. IĀ believe that the human body is a self-healing organism, and that we need to allow the proper nutrients and lifestyle in order to help it heal itself from the inside out. I'm happy when I'm learning something new, and IĀ love to distill complex concepts into simple, easy-to-understand ideas.


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If you intend to write as truthfully as you can, your days as a member of polite society are numbered, anyway.ā€
- Stephen King, On Writing: A Memoir Of The Craft

Customer stories

Real reviews from raving customers of UMZUĀ and The Thermo Diet.

"IĀ wanted to say a big thank you to Christopher Walker and his team. Since starting the Thermo Diet, acid reflux has disappeared, and IĀ don't remember the last time IĀ took a pharmaceutical."

Chris H.

West Virginia

"IĀ lost 50lbs and gained muscle following the philosophies in the Thermo Diet. Making sure my hormones were balanced and removing all micronutrient deficiencies definitely played a role in keeping my metabolism high."

Zach S.


"I've dealt with stomach issues and indigestion problems for years and Thermo has completely changed my life. Love the UMZUĀ products, love this lifestyle, love Christopher Walker."

Hayley J.


"Thermo is honestly a cheat code."

Tyler S.


"I feel great on Thermo! More energy and less cravings."

Athena B.


"IĀ love the Thermo Diet!Ā IĀ hate to even call it a diet. IĀ started 6 weeks ago and I'm already down 9 pounds! Amazing to me especially since IĀ have Hashimoto's and losing weight for me is near to impossible."

Cassia S.


Frequently asked questions

This is a collection of frequently asked questions about me right now from Google searches. Use the tabs here to quickly find out the answers.

Who is the CEOĀ of UMZU?

Christopher Walker is the CEOĀ of UMZU. UMZU is a health and wellness company that specializes in creating natural supplements and providing information on various health topics. The company was founded by Christopher Walker, who has been a prominent figure in the health and fitness industry.

Who is the UMZUĀ Spokesperson?

Christopher Walker, originally hailing from San Diego, CA, currently calls Denver and Boulder, CO his home. A remarkable individual, Christopher accomplished a groundbreaking feat by becoming the inaugural graduate of Duke University's neuroscience program in a mere three years. Furthermore, his entrepreneurial spirit has led him to co-found several successful online enterprises, namely Truth Nutra, Kinobody, and UMZU.With a rich educational background and an unwavering dedication to neuroscience, Christopher's early years laid the foundation for his remarkable achievements. Graduating from Duke University's neuroscience program in a significantly shorter timeframe than his peers is a testament to his exceptional intellect and drive.However, Christopher's accomplishments extend beyond academia. His ventures as a founder have contributed significantly to the online business landscape. Truth Nutra, Kinobody, and UMZU are all prime examples of his entrepreneurial drive and spirit. These companies have made substantial impacts within their respective industries, catering to diverse audiences and offering innovative products and services.

Who is the founder of zuPOO?

Christopher Walker is the founder of UMZU, the company that sells the globally popular colon cleanse supplement zuPOO. Are you in search of a supplement to cleanse your gut? Your search ends here with zuPOO! Our specialized formula is designed to flush your stomach, aiding in the elimination of waste and fostering regular and healthy bowel movements. It's the perfect cleanse for maintaining optimal gut health in today's era of nutrient-deficient diets. It's no surprise that countless individuals have battled with bloating and weight loss challenges. Trust zuPOO to deliver a thorough cleanse for your colon and gut, leaving you with a revitalized and refreshed gut environment.

Who is Chris Walker?

Chris Walker is the founder and CEOĀ of health supplement brand UMZU, which is based out of Boulder, CO. UMZU is a wellness and supplement company founded by Christopher Walker. Christopher Walker is known for his expertise in biohacking, fitness, and hormone optimization. He has developed programs and products to help people improve their overall health and well-being.

Where is UMZUĀ Manufactured?

UMZUĀ is a natural health supplement company based out of Boulder, COĀ that formulates and distributes its own custom supplement formulas. UMZUĀ partners with ingredient suppliers from all over the world in order to get the highest quality nutritional ingredients into each and every UMZUĀ supplement.